The History of Coedil99

From 1984 to the new showroom inaugurated in the 2017.

A strong experience was born from our history, solid, with precise points of reference, able to renovate to ansie the market and customer demands. The La COEDIL99 address to all the workers of the construction and building sector, firms, public and private bodies, to be by their side with competence and professionalism.

COEDIL99 was born in 1984 as a construction material dealer, as a collateral enterprise to the building company. In 2000 it starts the steel manufacturing for the building sector.

From 2007 the cutting center works to build roofs and houses, while in 2017 there was the opening of our new showroom and our new administrative and commercial offices.



The COEDIL 99 was born in 1984 thanks to the Scimia brothers, Carmine, Anthony and Lamberto as collateral activity to the building company (that has already worked for a long time). The first, pioneering attempts to interpret a world, that of the commerce, that already counted different strong realities, was possible only thanks to an unconditional care from the partner founders and to the trust of those people, customers and suppliers, that have given since then already confidence and credibility to this firm.




In 2001 there was the grand opening of a new store in Poggio Picenze, in which we started the activity of iron shaping for reinforced concrete. It represented a new deal in the activities of the firm, that could this way increase its own capacities: the perfect union between a great technician’s staff – able to elaborate from the project (given by the customer) a good work, by correcting also possible problems during the execution phase – and the use of technologically top of the range machineries, has allowed to always guarantee high qualitative standards.



In 2007, with the construction of the two new plants, we improved the iron shaping activity and at the same time we began the Wood department Coedil 99 for the plank and laminated timber manufacturing for civil and industrial housebuilding. We have therefore continued the development of a building idea that doesn’t ignore any available material.




2009, April ,6 th, an unforgettable date, but, also in the pain and in the awareness that nothing would be as before, we lived this date as a new point of departure, an incitement to show that we are there and that we will keep on doing our job with the care and the honesty of all-time.



October 25 th 2012 we added an important element to the firm with the inauguration of the new Wood Department Coedil 99 in the new plants, where we started the high technological impact production of wood structures and houses in accordance with the most rigorous qualitative and technical standards of today, but always winking at the tradition of an evergreen material as the wood. A new challenge of ideas and proposals and of professionalism.

_CoEdil 2017-8332



October 12 th 2017…WE MADE IT! We finally inaugurated the new business center and the new showroom of tiles and interior finishes. This event marks the completion of a path, started many years ago, pursued with stubbornness, sacrifices and dedication. The new building will allow to offer an ever more qualified service to our customers and to face a more and more global and demanding market. It’s time…now!